Tuesday, September 15, 2020


There are few things more simple than truth. It is, as they say, what it is. It is straightforward, uncomplicated, unbiased, and non-partisan. It has no hidden agenda, nor is it geared to manipulate, sway or direct those on the receiving end of it in any particular direction. It does not have friends, enemies, colleagues, alliances or acquaintances. There is no path on which it travels, nor does it seek to be anything other than what it is. Truth has no ambition, wish to hide or be the center of attention. It does not march to the beat of its own drummer because it leaves beats and drummers to others. Truth does not set out to please, disappoint or serve. The term popularity means nothing to it because being surrounded by others or left alone does not matter to it. If truth were a person, it would be an odd duck, a subject of great curiosity and probably gossip. It would be the focus of whispers, rumors and speculation. Adults would no doubt warn their children to stay away from it simply because they themselves were not sure what to make of it. Though not anti- social, truth would not seek out the company of others. At the same time, it would not turn away any one. It would exist to be of use or not. If used, it would not take responsiblity for how it was used by others. That would be the burden of others. At the same time, truth could be one's strongest allie or worst enemy. B eing what it is, it could be extremely helpful or a great inconvenience. When it comes to communicating, truth is the shining object that many hold high above their heads and claim to know better than anyone else. It is, they claim, the element of life that they have a true "lock-on." They even go as far as to claim they own it. But do they? Interestingly, many also claim to have have their own truth, but do they? Bottom line: truth belongs to no one and everyone. Professional communicators are wise to recognize that and treat it accordingly. This means if truth is every mis- used, then the fault is with the user. Truth is and forever will be blameless.

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